How to Root the Sony Xperia J with one click

How to Root Sony Xperia J st26i

For what root Android phone ? 
  • You get full access to your mobile phone.
  • You can install custom ROMs.
  • Speed / battery life boost.
  • The latest OS updates.
  • Infinite features.
  • A free wifi-spot.
  • Better backup.
  • Many apps root only.
  • and much more !

How to root Xperia J ?

I'll explain latest and the simplest method to unlock your Xperia J .
It's compatible with all Xperia J versions , that were ever released and it won't work with other Xperia models and other mobile phones .

First of all you need to download Xperia J One-Click root tool .

Release the full power of Xperia J !
Download link : Click here to download Xperia J One click root tool

Take a see how it's looking

Rooting Xperia J
  1. Connect Xperia J to PC via USB 
  2. Open root tool ,it should find your device .If not ,click "refresh"
  3. When device is connected you can start rooting it
  4. To root xperia J click "root" button ,after all it done !
  5. If you need to unroot your mobile phone , connect it to pc and click "unroot" button
It should ,looks like it :

When it's done , you should see "superuser.apk installed" or something like that .It means your phone is rooted ,click "refresh" button and check root status !

***Remember you are rooting xperia j on your own risk***
***If you aren't sure you need root ,dont do it***

Great ,you have rooted Xperia J ,you get superuser rights ! 

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